Bougainvillea Fantasy Pink

Bougainvillea Fantasy Pink

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Bougainvilleais a genus of thorny ornamental vines, bushes, and trees belonging to the four o' clock family, the inflorescence consists of large colorful sepal like bracts which surround three simple waxy flowers. the actual flower of the plant is small and generally white, but each cluster of three flowers is surrounded by three or six bracts with the bright colors associated with the plant, including pink, magenta, purple, red, orange, white, or yellow. bougainvillea glabra is sometimes called "paper flower" because its bracts are thin and papery. the fruit is a narrow five-lobed achene. since bougainvilleas are tropical natives, make sure they get plenty of sun! some varieties can handle part sun but will not perform as well as they could in full sun. in less than full sun, plants will be much more sparse and have a less than spectacular flower show, if any at all. if you live where in a climate where bougainvillea is borderline zone hardy, then planting it against a warm wall or in a corner against the house will help. remember, this is one plant that loves sun and heat! keeping your bougainvillea in full sun will keep your plant blooming.


when it comes to watering, bougainvillea is pretty drought tolerant once established. it prefers a good, deep watering every 3-4 weeks rather than frequent shallow watering.

Plant Size : 3ft Hight (Blooming Size)