About Us


“ROYAL AGRO PRODUCTS” is a totally Sri Lankan business establishment, well  established reputed company which started its operation in 2016 as a sole proprietor company of Exporter / Importer / Distributor and Wholesaler of Grains, Rice, Spices, All Food Products & General Merchandise, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Live Plants Aquarium Fish & Animal Feed Manufacturing Raw Materials.

RoyalPlants.lk we hereby confirm that we grow and breed our plants in our nursery for trading purposes. not just another plant exporting company it is a plant enthusiast’s paradise. Packed with a wide range of exotic flowers and plants, the people behind, Royal Agro company is environmental enthusiasts passionate about nature’s bounty. They believe that agriculture in whatever form is an art and a science together that must be nurtured with love and care.

Sri Lanka is an Island rich in tropical biodiversity located off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent in South Asia. Sri Lanka offers to the world a paradigm of green foliage. Royal Agro We provide plenty of jobs for many talented growers who meet the quality standards. Sri Lanka, naturally nature blessed country with the perfect tropical weather, rich in biodiversity acts as the perfect home for growing plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers. The rich soils of the country help our growers to meet their expectations and provide us with the best quality products.