Anthurium Regal

Anthurium Regal

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Anthurium Regal can be cultivated as a houseplant or outdoors in temperate regions. It is an excellent tropical plant with well-developed root systems. Anthurium Regale is generally referred to as Laceleafs,tail flowers, and flamingo flower species.

The inflorescence is made up of a spathe and a spadix. Also, the spathe is a delicate leaf, while the spadix is leathery in texture.

The spadix is frequently confused with the flower, but it isn’t. The actual tiny flowers are delicate and have been mainly grown along the spadix. Besides, such flowers are bisexual and include common reproductive organs.

 Anthurium Regal Plant Care


Anthurium Regale enjoys a well-drained yet moist, high nutrient blend. Try to stay away from muddy, dry, or sandy soils. A multi-substrate combination is suitable for commercial mixtures. You may also use a mix of orchid combination and perlite

The soil of the Anthurium Regale should be well-drained with a mild water keeping capacity. The soil is supposed to function in a perfectly balanced mix. The value of pH must be neutral, around 6.6 and 7.5.

If you are planting Anthurium Regale outdoor, plant it in a well-drained location.



The water requirements of Anthuriums differ with temperature and weather conditions. Make sure your Anthurium Regale plant is watered periodically, but don’t overwater the plant. Water your Anthurium Regale if you feel the soil is dry when touched.