Alocasia zebrina Tiger - Elephant Ear

Alocasia zebrina Tiger - Elephant Ear

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Behold one of nature's great quirks. This Alocasia boasts sturdy animal-print rhizomatic stems (multiple stems branching off from a single base) and broad arrow-shaped Elephant Ear leaves.  

All Alocasias are loved for their big, arrow-shaped leaves, but I have the added attraction of animal print stems.

Though the glory of the Zebrina is in its 90s jungle-print, the leaves are also pretty amazing, with their strongly articulated veins and deep green colouring. The leaves, as you can see in the photo, grow in neat little curls and unfurl as they grow. 

Alocasias like high humidity, bright indirect light, warmth and lightly moist soil. 

Growing pot size: 24cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 65-70cm 

Pets: Harmful if ingested. Can also cause skin irritation. 

Useful to know:



I will grow to between 45-90cm and can get there pretty quickly if I'm cared for well.


I'll do best in a well lit room but direct sunlight will scorch my leaves.


I like my soil to be lightly moist. To avoid root rot, give me small amounts of warm water regularly.


Keep me warm, ideally between 18-22°C.


Feed me some slow release fertiliser once a month during the growing season.


Wipe my leaves to remove dust and any pests.


Don't panic if my leaves fade and die, this could be because I'm entering my dormant period. I'll need less water during this time, and will bounce back in the Spring.


I'm best kept out of reach of children and pets.