Alocasia Cuprea

Alocasia Cuprea

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Alocasia Cuprea

Plants with bright foliage always attract love and admiration. Seeing a healthy and well-grown plant with some nice foliage around is nothing lesser than a treat to the eyes. Today, we are introducing another such plant, the Alocasia cuprea plant.

This is a proud member of one of the most beautiful type collection in the genus, the Jewel Alocasias. The large heart-shaped leaves are bright green with coppery hues, lighter veins and reddish undersides.

The name cuprea is also derived from the unique coppery hues of the foliage. Moreover, these leaves have a typical metallic sheen which refers them to be popularly known as the Mirror Plants. Different varieties of the plant further enhance the collection by showing slight variations in the foliage. Let us learn more about the care and propagation of this native of Borneo, the Cuprea Alocasia Plant.

Alocasia Cuprea Care

This peep is quite easy to grow as compared to the majority of Alocasias.

Quick Guide

Water: Medium Requirement and Watering right after the soil upper 2 inches of the soil get dry.

Light: Medium to the bright indirect sun.

Humidity: High.

Fertilizer: Diluted form in the growing season.